Is this the real Colin Morgan? Nope. This blog is run by a fan of his who has no contact with Colin at all.

Does Colin have a girlfriend? Colin is a very private person, and because of that we don’t really know one way or the other.

Is Colin gay? Once again we just do not know.

How tall is Colin? According to a fan report from SDCC 2010, he’s 5’11”. Straight from Colin’s mouth!

Is Colin religious in any way? I know he was raised Catholic, and he mentioned attending midnight mass in an interview. AJR says he’s still Catholic.

When does Colin and the rest of the Merlin cast film at Pierrefonds in France? They usually film there in the months of April, June, and September. You can find more detailed information here.

What are other things we can see Colin in? I compilied a list of things he’s been in other than Merlin here.

What kind of music does Colin listen to? From the same interview where he mentioned DCFC, Stars, and the Helio Sequence, he also says this about his music taste: “kinda indie, indie rock is kinda my thing but I listen to loads of different music”. He’s mentioned The Postal Service, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Cure, and Bloc Party before.

I’m assuming he also likes instrumentals cause he recced a song from American Beauty in relation to Island and seems really excited about some of Merlin’s music according to Bradley in one of the series 3 audio commentaries.

Does Colin have an internet presence anywhere? He does not. There is no Twitter, Facebook, or official site for him. He has expressed some apprehension about the internet in the past and has said having a Twitter would cause more frustration for people cause there would be no way he’d be able to answer all the replies he would get. His agency, however, does have a profile for him, which you can see here.

Do you think Colin will become a big star? He’s certainly talented enough to become one. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he does one day. I’d be proud. :’)

What is Colin allergic to? What else does he deal with (ex: lactose intolerance)? It was once thought that Colin was allergic to tomatoes, but Colin himself has said that is not the case. He is lactose intolerant, though, and while I’m here a vegetarian as well. (source)

Is he a virgin? This is actually the one question I am most uncomfortable with answering, so I won’t.

Does he smoke or do drugs? In one of the audio commentaries for Merlin, Bradley James says that both himself and Colin do not smoke. There was also somewhere that I read that for Parked he hung out with junkies to see how they act, so I don’t think he does drugs either. He did smoke for about a month for Parked, but he was able to quit fairly easily. I don’t know, to me he seems like someone who is a bit health conscious.

Is there a place to watch and/or download *insert Colin’s work here*? I am not going to be telling you directly where, sorry. I don’t want to get into trouble with anyone.

Could you tell me some good Merlin blogs to follow? Three awesome people have already compiled a list of Merlin blogs and resources herehere, and here. Make sure to also follow the blogs where the links are listed.

Where can we write to Colin? You can write to Colin through his agency:

Colin Morgan 
c/o United Agents 
12-26 Lexington Street 
London W1F 0LE

Make sure to read through this before sending your letter.

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