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A Night Less Ordinary

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78/100 ● colin morgan

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Part Three of “An Ode to the Insane Talent of Colin Morgan”


3. “There can be no place for magic in Camelot.” Merlin, The Disir (S5, Ep5), 2012

Of course, you can’t talk about Colin’s insane talent without spending significant time on his most iconic role. There’s no possible way to cover all the things that are amazing about Colin’s portrayal of Merlin in one post, so I will add in his Merlin moments via scene. Like the one mentioned above.

If there is any one moment in the series of Merlin (before the series finale, that is) that made people want to cry, scream, and throw things at their telly, it would be this one.

Finally on the cusp of being able to reveal himself to Arthur, to be able to realize his destiny…but it was not to be. Merlin instead chooses to deny the ONE THING he wanted most in his entire life in order to try to protect Arthur from his horrible fate.

Say what you want about Bromance vs. OTP, but there can be no denying that Merlin loves Arthur soul deep; more than he even loves himself or his magic. Merlin gave up literally everything for Arthur here, and, in the end, Merlin’s choice turned out to be the wrong one. His decision ended up causing The Disir, as punishment, to spare Mordred’s life instead of end it, thus sealing Arthur’s fate at the Battle of Camlann.

Good GOD, the emotions Colin puts into this scene! He hardly says a word until the end, but his face! No one does acting with just their eyes and facial expression better than Colin Morgan. Seriously, I can’t think of anyone.

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The last Dragon Lord

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